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All About English Springer Spaniels...
    Our Family looked at various breeds of dogs that would be a good addition to our family. We decided to get two English Springer Spaniels because we liked what we heard about them. We were not disappointed and our kids fell in love with them. They have been healthy and easy to care for.

The English Springer Spaniel has long drooping ears, a moderately long coat, and happily wagging tail. At maturity, females are around 19' tall at the shoulders, and weigh about 40 lbs. and males around 20'" and weighing about 50 lbs. They may be black and white, liver and white or either combination with tan points (tri-colored), with or without ticking (freckles). The typical Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick  to learn and willing to obey. Springers are cheerful and affectionate, generally good with children and noisy with intruders. However, they make friends in a hurry and don't make good guard dogs. Most Springers make excellent house pets; energy levels range from high to laid-back depending on the individual's personality and life stage.

 The Spaniel may have originated in Spain and was mentioned by name in an ancient law in​ Britain as early as 300 AD. In the 19th and early 20th century in Britain, smaller Spaniels in the same litter would be used to hunt woodcock; they were called "Cockers." Larger litter mates, used to flush (or "spring") game, were called "Springers." The first English Springer Spaniel in North America was imported from England to Canada in 1913.
"Dual type" Springers-those capable of competing in both conformation and field trial competition-became  a part of history by the early 1940's when the last dual championship was earned. Field trial enthusiast  continued selecting those qualities in their dogs which produced top caliber performance, while the show-minded endeavored just as earnestly to breed dogs consistent with the breed's written standard, successfully as conformation competitors.
The English Springer Spaniel can be described as Affectionate, Alert, Attentive, Cheerful and Intelligent. They are even- tempered, gentle, friendly and sociable dogs that make a great companion for children and adults alike. Intelligent, skillful, willing and obedient and a quick learner make them an enjoyable addition to a family. They are sociable and love being with people.