Meet Our English-Springer-Spaniels
  Aquilla Creek Farms
 Call us: 254-716-4362
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Meet our Springers
    At Aquilla Creek Farms we raise high quality English Springer Spaniels. If you have any questions regarding our Puppies or would like to come by and meet one to see if it is the right fit for your family please contact 
Ahavah Tindell (254) 716-4362
 Click on a picture to view each dogs Pedigree.
Ziggy is our handsome boy. He comes from champion bloodlines.
He is friendly and loyal and a great addition to our family.

​      Zinnia
​Zinnia is a beautiful Liver and White Springer. She is loyal and kind. She is a wonderful Family Friend. Zenna is her grandmother and she has all Zenna's wonderful traits.
Zoey is a Liver, White and Tan Springer.
She is playful and friendly. She will outdo all her companions in a race. 

Zenna is our calmest Springer. She loves to curl up on your lap for a nap.