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Mowhawk Valley Inn
Waco, Texas
available on Airbnb
The Mohawk Valley Inn

    This Inn was originally built in 1817 in the legendary Mohawk
River Valley of New York State, made famous by James Fennimore
Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans. This region played a vital role in both
the French and Indian War (1754 to 1763) and the American Revolution
(1775 to 1783). The 363-mile-long Erie Canal was dug alongside the
Mohawk River beginning in 1817 and proved to be the engineering feat
of the nineteenth century, making the Mohawk Valley the gateway to
the West.
    When we found the Inn, however, it had deteriorated to a forlorn
and forgotten state and had not been occupied in many years. We
purchased it in the Fall of 2019 and began the long process of moving
to Texas and restoration. This restoration includes the original center-
hall floor plan, original pine floors throughout, as well as staircase,
beams, wainscot and doors.
    We also took some liberties with the exterior, rebuilding it to the
“Territorial Style” of New Mexico that the rest of our surrounding shops
are built in. Set in the middle of gardens, the Inn is part of the
Homestead craft village in Waco and sits next to Heritage Coffee shop
and Brazos Valley Cheese, makers of fine artisan cheeses. Café
Homestead is a short walk away, as well as other craft shops. In 2021
the restoration of the inn was featured on the Magnolia Network show
Restoration Road.

The West Nest
The West Nest is a litlle house that we renovated for an airbnb. It has two bedrooms, one with a king size bed and the other two twins.