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How Deposits Work
     A deposit is $500.00 which goes to the total cost of your puppy. To put a deposit you can give me your name and email address and I will send you a Square invoice via email. It is important to pay the invoice so you are in line for picking out a puppy. If you wait to pay your deposit it is possible that someone may put a deposit in front of you and bump your place in line.

    When the puppies are 6 weeks old, we will have a day for everyone who put a deposit to come and pick out their puppy in the order that they put a deposit down. If for some reason there is not a puppy in the litter the gender you want then your deposit will go to a future litter. If you are unable to come in person to pick your puppy out then I will send you pictures when your turn comes to pick and you can pick from pictures.

    If for some reason you are unable to get a puppy after putting a deposit down (family crises or emergency) we will refund half of your deposit which is $250.00.
    If you change your mind and decide you don't want a Springer Spaniel after you have met the puppies and pick one out, We Will Not Be Able To Refund Your Deposit. 

    Please read and sign a copy of our Sales Agreement and bring the signed copy when you pick up your puppy. We will not send a puppy home unless you have read and signed the sales agreement.